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Broken Promises - Hard to Explain

It’s crazy when you create a song and then you say to yourself…..this sounds like it should be in a movie. This is exactly what happened after listening to Hard to Explain. I decided to write an album called Broken Promises as if it was a film score for a motion picture. Think Quentin Tarantino, Blaxploitation, Isaax Hayes, and Netflix's The Harder They Fall.credits


Gxldxn Fxnch - Golden Rays

Gxldxn Fxnch’s mission is to create soulful melodic beats perfect for relaxing, chilling, focusing, or conveying nostalgic emotion. Gxldxn Fxnch focuses on making music that mashes up traditional hip-hop, new-soul, and jazz elements to create an atmospheric, instrumental soundscape.



BrandonLee Cierley is a Saxophonist whose music seemingly combines elements from sounds that have influenced his musical voice, such as jazz, hip hop, Lofi, and R&B. Brandonlee has teamed up with Trumpeter Farnell Newton and Lofihiphop producer Toranpetto.